- Dec 18, 2011
It's no secret that sex sells in almost every aspect of consumer necessities, and it's proven time and time again when advertising campaigns or clever packaging turns towards breast-shaped innovations a busty boost in sales is sure to follow.

For some it's too scandalous but to others it's hilarious, the concept of playing your music from a breast-shaped boombox or lounging on giant pillows that have been molded after mega mammary glands. Tombs are being crafted with exterior ta-tas, milk dispensers are capped with cleavage that literally lactates, and even bread is being packaged in double-D design.

The fixation for the above-the-waist accessories may be a little much, but it seems as though the bizarre breast-shaped innovations will continue to bloom as the inflation of sales speak for themselves. These pushed-up products keep ending up on the best seller lists every year.

From Bold Busty Bread to Naughty Bosom Neckwear: