Marion Cotillard Shares the Best Kept Secret of French Women

 - Mar 18, 2010
References: huffingtonpost
This Funny or Die video starring French actress Marion Cotillard, and several sets of forehead breast implants, could evoke any of the reactions--Hot, LOL, WTF, Cute, and Must see. Substitute a little Naughty for Nerdy and the description is complete.

The commercial parody plays out in a normal everyday work situation that most women can relate to—a man staring at a woman’s chest, instead of looking her in the eyes. In the ad, she shares a secret with American women, saying, "French women have known for centuries that to earn a man's respect you must make him look you in the eyes." The trick, she says, is Forehead Tittaes by Janae, which are plastic breasts designed to adhere to the forehead.

Also in the video are Taraji P. Henson and Leslie Ann Warren. I love the last line, in which the trio sporting their forehead breast implants, proclaim in unison "Our eyes are up here!"

Any woman who has experienced a man ‘talking to their chest,' and even the man with automatic roving eyes, may find humor in this spoof ad.