From Goldfish Glamour Competitions to Pageants for PCs

 - Sep 16, 2013
While beauty contests have come under fire for celebrating looks rather than brains, many organizations have taken it upon themselves to celebrate beauty in more unconventional places. Miss New York Nina Davuluri took home the Miss America crown last night, launching a string of racist rants online. The Indian-American stunner won on the platform of 'Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency,' performing a traditional Indian dance-infused with Bollywood moves.

Not only is diversity beautiful in the human form, it also makes these unusual competitions more relevant. From children to animals like goldfish, cats, birds, elephants and elderly dogs, beauty can be seen in any part of the world and in any species. Beauty contests have also emerged in the penitentiary system and within the plastic surgery and transgender communities. Even non-living things like computers and dolls are being pitted against each other.