Miss Jumbo Queen Thai Beauty Pageant

 - Aug 3, 2007
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Being thin won't win you the crown at Thailand's Miss Jumbo Queen beauty pageant; you have to be big-bodied with an even bigger personality!

A refreshing change to the usual skinny models that have received so much controversial press in the media. In order to be eligible for this contest, women must be between 18 and 35 years old and weigh a minimum of 176 lbs. That puts most Thai women out of the runnings; the average Thai woman weights a mere 98 lbs. Obesity is still rare in this country. In 2000, 40% of American women were deemed overweight, while in only 3% of Asian women were considered too heavy.

The pageant debuted in 1997 with the intent of raising awareness for the elephant, the Thai national animal. It has since become a favourite annual event, watched by millions of viewers on TV eager to find out who the year's "elephant ambassador" will be.