Honor the New Flight of the Conchords Single with All Things Kiwi

 - Aug 27, 2012
The new Flight of the Conchords single 'Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)' has been released to help raise money for Red Nose Day. In order to celebrate the return of New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based folk-parody duo since the end of their HBO show in 2009 is this list of comical New Zealand creations. It turns out the small country should be known for more than just the filming location of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but also for its ability to produce hilarious citizens.

A forte for New Zealanders is their ability to produce entertaining and attention-grabbing campaigns and advertisements. For example, companies such as Air New Zealand used 80s fitness guru Richard Simmons to make a hilarious in-flight workouts video. Not only that the national airline has used everything from cougar commercialization to featuring controversial star Lindsay Lohan.

Not only that, but New Zealand artists use a whole lot of humor and creativity in their work. Such is the case for designer Trixiedelicious, who crafted tipsy tea cups so users could have a classy way to enjoy their booze.