Gilded 'Auto Garage' Parking Lot Project by Ines Tartler

 - May 5, 2009
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This beautiful golden bubble belongs to the 'Auto Garage' art project by Ines Tartler. The German artist was commissioned to turn parked cars at the Britomart Transport Centre in Aukland, New Zealand into works of gilded art.

"Patrons of the car park will be invited by a pair of attendants to ‘host’ one of the car covers on their own car while it is parked, and thereby become part of the Auto Garage concept and project," Britomart explains. "Each person’s participation will be documented and each will receive a memento of their involvement, including a photograph of them with their car and with Auto Garage installed on their car. Public interaction will begin with an audition call for the Auto Garage attendants."

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