- Dec 6, 2011
These Homer Simpson creations demonstrate the cultural impact the long-running television series has had on the art and design world. With over 20 seasons under its belt, The Simpsons is considered a cartoon institution. To devote followers of the yellow family, Homer Simpson is a deity.

These clever art pieces showcase popular culture's obsession with everything Homer Simpson. Although the television show has arguably lost its luster as of late, the comedic genius of the earlier seasons endure. Everyone's favorite neglectful TV dad is a popular reference when donuts and beer are the subject of conversation. It seems not only his loyal wife Marge can find the inner beauty of this beer-swilling loud mouth. Several artists have selected this three-haired wonder as their subject of choice.

Sure to have you craving a Flaming Moe and a choice selection of hits by the B sharps, these Homer Simpson creations will have loyal fans buzzing.

From Chomping Cartoon Decals to Iconic Daddy Drinks: