From Film-Inspired LEGO Towers to Block-Made Batman Figurines

 - Jan 23, 2013
After looking at these incredible examples of the melding of Geeks and LEGO, you'll have a hard time deciding which ones you want most.

As a toy that encourages building and creativity, it’s no wonder that nerds all over the world have used LEGO to express their love for their favorite franchises or produce amazing creations of their own.

Ever wanted to see Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction recreated with building blocks? What about wielding a LEGO flamethrower? Maybe a LEGO PC is more your speed? Or how about controlling a functioning LEGO Helicopter with your smartphone? That’s not even getting into the plethora of clever and hilarious video game, cartoon, comic book, and Sci-Fi homages and recreations using the world’s favorite building blocks.

Geeks and LEGO, it’s a match made in nerd heaven.