LEGO Computer is a Physical Manifestation of the Turing Machine Theory

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: & psfk
Dutch designers Jeroen van den Bosand and Davy Landman have created a working LEGO computer, a machine based on the Turing Machine Theory of 1936. The theory was formed by Alan Turing, an English mathematician who is considered the "father of computer science and artificial intelligence," as the site for the 'Turings Erfenis' Exhibit, where the LEGO computer is currently on display, states.

The LEGO computer was made in celebration of what would be Turing's 100th birthday on June 23. The modern machine uses toy blocks to symbolically represent Turing's theory, which delineates how all computers are based on fundamental operative concepts. According to PSFK, the LEGO computer differs from the original Turing computer in that the modern counterpart has only 32 positions of tape.