Stormtroopers by Andy Wells Portrays Them as Father Figures

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: flickr & mymodernmet
For those who ever wondered what kind of a father figure the Imperial soldiers from 'Star Wars' would be, all they need to do is take a look at the photo series titled Stormtroopers by Andy Wells. The photographer, who is based in Ilkley, United Kingdom, appears to have extended Stéfan Le Dû's Stormtroopers 365 series not only by showing their parental inclinations, but also a few things they do when off-duty.

From scolding their kids to dancing to disco, the subjects in Stormtroopers by Andy Wells lead very varied lives. The British photographer achieves these adorable scenes by way of Star Wars action figures and their LEGO minifig counterparts. According to this series, Stormtroopers are the average family men.