Ben Caulkins Creates a Full Master Chief Uniform Out of LEGO Blocks

 - May 11, 2011
References: flickr & technabob
Huge gaming fan Ben Caulkins has finally completed his awesome full Master Chief costume. Back in November, the geeky gamer designed a replica mask of the one Master Chief wears in the Halo series for Xbox. The interesting thing is Ben Caulkins made it entirely out of LEGO.

After the helmet was a success Ben Caulkins decided to take some time on the body. Using just LEGO blocks that he put on top of himself wearing a back spandex suit, he was able to look like Master Chief himself. Due to the fragility of LEGO blocks, Ben Caulkins did glue the pieces together so the suit would last longer. In the end the project took a whopping six months to complete, but it was all worth it.