- Apr 16, 2014
Kid cameras get rid of the fear of having your child drop your $1,000 camera. Cameras are expensive and usually fragile, so giving your child their own will keep them occupied, while possibly bringing out their inner artiste. From kiddie 3D cameras to LEGO-like cameras, this list of different cameras are deemed appropriate for the younger demographic.

Not only do many of these cameras snap pictures, but some are used as educational tools. The VTech kids smartwatch for example, is a new accessory that has a built-in camera, a voice recorder and includes three educational games that can help a child learn to tell time. Some cameras are also placed into toys to make for a more durable camera. For example, Barbie created the Photo Fashion Doll so children could play and record their adventures with their toys.

From Disney Kid Cameras to Cartoon Broadcasting Cameras: