The Alex Eylar LEGO Series Depict Pixar's Golden Rules

 - Jul 29, 2012
References: mocpages & mymodernmet
The Alex Eylar LEGO series is a comical take on Pixar story artist Emma Coats's 'Golden Rules of Storytelling' that she posted on Twitter. She wanted to share the tips that she learned over the years.

Eylar is an advanced LEGO scene creator who decided to re-create her rules into quirky visuals. There are twelve rules in total, such as "Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; a coincidence to get them out of trouble is cheating." LEGO is a popular toy that both young and old enjoy playing with. Eylar was able to get Coats's message across very clearly with his visuals. Not only are these memes funny, but they are sure to provide budding movie makers with valuable insights.