The LEGO Batman Star Wars X-Wing Protects Gotham and the Galaxy

 - May 14, 2012
References: flickr & obviouswinner
The Galaxy and Gotham City can both rest at ease knowing that their inter-galatic savior is watching over them from the comforts of the LEGO Batman Star Wars X-Wing. The LEGO mashup sculpture comes from Kevin Ryhal who posted the images of his latest creation on his Flickr account.

The model is an impressive combination of both Batman and Star Wars characteristics, making it immediately recognizable on both fronts to those familiar with the sci-fi saga and the masked vigilante.

The description given to this piece by the creator itself is that "after Bruce Skywalker’s aunt and uncle are killed by the evil Darth Joker, he learns the ways of the Force and becomes the Bat Knight, vowing to fight crime across the galaxy and defeat the evil Empire!"