Mike Nieves Crafts Pokemon Figurines Using LEGO Blocks

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: flickr & randommization
If you feel Nintendo isn’t releasing Pokemon content quick enough, you can do what Mike Nieves did and make your own pocket monster products. Using LEGO blocks, Nieves has fashioned these amazing Pokemon sculptures that closely resemble their anime counterparts. Gyarados, as you can imagine, is much more frightening in three dimensions than his usual 2D cartoon self.

Mike Nieves is a model builder who regularly gets commissioned to craft pop culture characters using nothing more than LEGO pieces. The results are always astonishing as Nieves uses relatively minimal parts to capture the likeness of his inspirations. Aside from Pokemon, he’s also built Transformers, Batman villains, and enemies from the video game Halo. All his figurines are highly articulate, and in most cases, they’re even better than actual toy figurines sold in stores.