From Pokemon Engagement Rings to Pokemon Underwear

 - Jan 23, 2014
With its bright colors and cute monster designs, it's no wonder that Pokemon inspired such artistic Pokemon designs by fans of the series

The long running video game and anime series has sparked a lot of creativity in the imagination of its fans who have been with the series since the beginning. These creative Pokemon designs will have you nostalgic for the days of your Gameboy and early Saturday morning cartoons. The story of Pokemon centers around a Pokemon trainer whose job is to capture all 150 plus Pokemon and train them in fights called Pokemon battles, while the main characters are human, the real stars of the series are the Pokemon themselves.

While most of these artistic Pokemon endeavors take the form of fan drawings, many Pokemon fans also felt compelled to design Pokemon nails, eye makeup, pumpkin carvings, phone cases, plush toys, stitching and even Pokemon embryos.