TrekVix Dresses Pikachu in Iconic Pop Culture Garbs

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: trekvix.tumblr & blog.thaeger
Illustrator TrekVix is showing the world that dressing up is not an activity exclusive to humans on Halloween night. Taking the world's most iconic Pokemon Pikachu, and stuffing him into various pop culture threads, TrekVix's unique mash-up illustrations breath new life into the memorable pocket monster. Fans of comics, video games and anime are sure to be pleased.

TrekVix, whose real name is Kelly, is a true pop culture junkie at heart, citing Star Trek and South Park as major life influences. Her personal Tumblr is also filled with illustrations featuring the Super Mario Brothers, Doctor Who and Transformers.

Among the various costumes that TrekVix superimposes onto images of Pikachu are Han Solo's black vest and white v-neck ensemble, Batman's cowl, utility belt and battle armor and Superman's signature blue suit and vibrant red cape. Fans of the images can even get the designs on t-shirts through TrekVix's RedBubble account.