From Furry Nail Polish to Hunky Celeb Nail Stickers

 - Aug 15, 2013
Nail art manicures are a great way to break out of the boring, everyday solid color polish.

While painting nails may be a super girly activity, it's also a great way to break a bad habit like biting nails. When women decorate their nails with really cool designs, they're more inclined to take better care of their pretty claws -- and these designs are definitely worth trying out. Instead of having just one accent nail that stands out against the rest, why not try your talent at being a nail artist and paint your fingernails with music notes across your tips? For the gamers out there, Pikachu and Angry Birds-inspired nails are a great way to bring out your fun, competitive side.

Finally, since the possibilities with nail art manicures are pretty much endless, start small and decorate your hands specifically for holidays with Christmas sweater nail designs or spell-binding Halloween manicures. In no time you'll be coming up with all sorts of neat ideas!