The iPolished Blood Splatter Expert Manicure Takes a Violent Approach

 - Sep 2, 2012
References: ipolished.blogspot
Make a day at the spa look like a gruesome ordeal by sporting the iPolished Blood Splatter Expert Manicure. This manicure idea is perfect for Halloween parties, costumes or your next Zombie Walk.

The iPolish Blood Splatter Expert Manicure thoroughly explains how one can go about replicating blood splatter. Before the splattering stage, the tutorial suggests that nails be painted white in order for the ruby red of the faux blood in order to really catch eyes.

After this step, the more gruesome aspect of this manicure is executed. Using floss picks that have been secured under the lip of a disposable drinking cup, ladies will be able to replicate blood splatters on their nails. Girl's night is bound to look gruesomely good with this morbid style of manicure.