From Marble Manicure Tutorials to Shimmering Nail Art DIYs

 - Jun 3, 2015
These easy nail tutorials include marble manicure and shimmering nail art DIYs. Harnessing their creativity, beauty blog contributors -- like Fall for DIY, The Beauty Department and Honestly WTF -- are showing fashion fans how to get a couture-inspired manicure at a fraction of the price.

While elaborate nail art can be expensive and difficult to re-create at home, these easy manicures change the way we perceive the tedious task of painting our nails. Standouts include evil eye manicures created with the help of a black marker and simple nail art applications that blend a clear topcoat with a hint of subtle, gold shimmer.

Some of this list's other easy nail tutorials include marble manicures that borrow from one of the season's hottest fashion fads and shimmer-dipped nails that resemble luxe runway beauty looks.