This DIY Nail Art Idea Will Put a Spring in Your Step

This DIY nail art will ensure you make an arty statement with your nails. If you feel like your nails could do with a little extra love these days, then this arty watercolor manicure will put a spring in your step.

With the pastel shades and light and airy sheen, this look is perfect for bringing you into Springtime. The creator of this look, from the blog 'Small Good Things,' employed a simple method to get such cool results. First apply a base coat, then two more coats of Essie 'Adore-A-Ball' and wait for them to dry.

Once your bases are dried you can create the watercolor effect by applying the colors with a wet sponge and top off with a clear protective coat. This is a sweet feminine look to wear around Easter, during the springtime or just any time you feel like it.