From Playful Starlet Nail Art to Song-Altering Karaoke Kits

 - Dec 11, 2014
Slumber party activities haven't changed much in recent years: it's still all about gathering your girlfriends for a night of snacking, movie-marathoning and games of truth-or-dare.

A sleepover is an adolescent rite-of-passage and friendship ritual mixed into one, and is therefore very important. It's where boundaries melt away and walls come down, strengthening bonds between friends until they are near-impenetrable; a force to be reckoned with.

Alongside all the usual activities, you can expand your slumber party action to include inventive manicures (which feature everything from festive glitter to your favorite Hollywood hunk), karaoke and DIY arts and crafts. While a lot of this stuff can be done on your own, it's more fun to include your friends. Because what's a karaoke session without an audience? Or a duet, for that matter.