Turn a Bottle into a Quirky Bracelet Using Only Recyclables

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: recyclart.org
This water bottle bangle takes a couple otherwise recyclalbe materials and turns them into a fashionable piece of jewelry that is great for girls of all ages. The bangle is made by simply using the main body of a water bottle and covering it in old magazine clippings.

If this design isn't to your liking, it's easy to switch things up by wrapping the body of the bottle in ribbon to give it a prettier look. It's refreshing to see this water bottle bangle and other upcycled pieces of jewelry popping up all of a sudden because it helps put sustainability front and center.

It's interesting that instead of simply talking about your beliefs when it comes to recycling and sustainability, you can wear your pride on your wrist with a recycled piece of jewelry.