Confidently Embrace Your Inner Diva with These Beyonce Nail Decals

Beyonce nail decals are an essential for fans of the talented superstar.

If you often find yourself playing Queen Bey's songs on repeat or if 'Single Ladies' is your must-play karaoke song, decorating your nails with stickers of the singer is your next step in showing your love and appreciation. The Beyonce nail decals feature pictures of items you would associate with the pop diva. For example, two of the stickers are of her, with one even being her in her 'Single Ladies' outfit. Some of the other stickers included are 'XO,' a picture of Jay-Z, a halo and a telephone.

The set of nail decals comes with 42 stickers with two of each picture. Whether you decide to make all your nails Beyonce-fied or just use a few at a time, people will ultimately know you're her biggest fan.