- Aug 30, 2015
These fabulous manicure ideas highlight the creativity that can be applied to fingernails. These designs are a simple way to express personal style and preferences. Whether the manicures are self-made or created at a salon, there are many ways to add a playful or elegant theme to fingernails.

The 'Haute Couture Manicure' is a lavish piece of nail art that can cost up to $25,000 and uses roughly 20 diamonds. There are also cutesy nails that are much less expensive such as the The L'Oreal 'Les Blancs' collection that provides users with floral pastel-colored fake nails.

These fabulous manicures are a unique combination of fashionable beauty and artistic expression. Each color or creative design brings an interesting aspect of aesthetic decor to any outfit.

From Extravagant Diamond Manicures to 3D-Printed Fingernails: