Let People Know You Don't Want to be Disturbed with Shhh Nail Stickers

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: etsy
If you're someone who likes their alone time, these shh nail stickers from NailPretties on Etsy are perfect for you.

While it's nice to be around people, it's also nice to spend time in silence without any disturbances. If you have an annoying sibling who you just wish would leave you alone to study or to watch TV, simply show them your fingers when they try to approach you.

The set comes with 40 decals, so you'll be well stocked to fend off pesky people. In the set, you'll get 15 stickers that say "shhh" in a large font, 15 that say it in small letters, and ten decals that feature a finger covering lips to symbolize the "shh" action.

Although you may offend people when wearing these, they're a great way to let people know to leave you alone.