From Adorable DIY Cat Nails to Romantic Disney Nails

 - Dec 1, 2015
With endless manicure art appearing on social media almost daily, it's impossible to decide which way your nails should look next. However, by eliminating the abstract and focusing on the style-conscious designs, fashion fans can grab inspiration from these chic and stylish manicures.

The shattered glass manicure and the cable knit design rose to the top of the most coveted manicure list in Fall 2015. While one look utilizes pieces of cellophane to replicate shattered glass, the other uses a special gel polish to create a cozy cable knit design. Fashion and cats seem to go hand-in-hand with Design Sponge's adorable cat head manicure art as well as Etsy seller SuperSexyNailArt's offering of feline silhouette nail stickers.

These flawless designs also include foodie nail art like Mqmx666's sushi manicure and Huffington Post's java nail art.