NCLA's Exotics Range References Snakeskin and Feather Textures

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: shopncla
NCLA's 'Exotics' collection features nail stickers that are inspired by luxe snakeskin and feather textures. Drawing inspiration from nature, the stick-on manicures add a pop of personality to one's hands and elevate the look of a simple outfit in seconds. In addition to being easy to apply and mess-free, these vibrant nail stickers are also affordable, making them a great investment that will cost beauty buffs way less than the classic salon manicure.

From textured snakeskin styles to nail stickers that are inspired by peacocks feathers, the NCLA 'Exotics' collection makes nail art easy for those who aren't skilled with traditional nail polishes. This collection is versatile and fun, embracing bold looks that are applied without any hassle.