These Creative Eyelashes & Accessories Celebrate National Lash Day

 - Feb 19, 2016
These innovative eyelashes, unique cosmetics, accessories and artwork all pay tribute to National Lash Day. The cosmetics industry is continuing to design new products that amplify the look of one's eyes with highly creative false lashes and powerful mascaras.

Some of the most interesting lashes include those made of fine grass and tiny feathers. While these lashes are traditionally noted in Halloween costumes or during stage performances, the marketplace is now witnessing the transition from extreme lashes being a theatrical adornment to an everyday item.

Additionally, for those who would rather celebrate National Lash Day in a less obvious way, jewelry designers are incorporating exaggerated lashed into their accessories. From eye-adorned necklaces to lash-extended sunglasses, there are various products that draw attention to the beauty of eyelashes.