Pastel Cosmetics' Ads Show How to Wear Sunglasses with Extra Long Eyelashes

 - Aug 23, 2014
References: & coloribus
There are a lot of mascara ads out there that show ladies batting their lusciously long eyelashes, but this series from Pastel Cosmetics takes a more humorous approach.

With each mascara ad that comes out, there are more and more promises of taking lashes to new heights. With text that only reads: "Longer Eye Lashes," these funny pastel ads show how its mascara users will have to make other changes to accommodate their ultra long lashes. The ads feature pairs of sunglasses with extremely long arms, suggesting the distance that is between a person's face and the tips of their lashes. Although this would look pretty funny in real life, these ads are a hilarious way to go about illustrating the comical beauty scenario, especially since so many women are after long eyelashes.