- Jan 11, 2015
Stylishly eccentric could be the motto for these top 2014 hair trends. Although the looks are utterly gorgeous in most cases, there are some that stick out for other reasons. Yet they are all undeniably experimental. Whether it involves hair length, hair color or an intricate updo, the top 2014 hair trends range in style, which points to a desire for individuality.

In addition to the hairstyles themselves, the top 2014 hair trends also involve different accessories that help take the looks to the next level. Not to mention specialized apps that allow people to try out new styles digitally before permanently making a change. Considering how experimental that change might be, it is great that designers are releasing services that ensure people avoid terrible mistakes.

For more insights on how the top 2014 hair trends have evolved over the year, check out Trend Hunter's Hair Trend Report.

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