The Self Service Magazine Faces of Tomorrow Photoshoot is Offbeat

The Self Service Magazine Faces of Tomorrow editorial features rebellious shots of models Amanda Murphy, Juliana Schurig and Elisabeth Erm. Stylist Suzanne Koller dressed the women in distressed army apparel and leather pieces, making the production appear quite combative for the publication's Spring/Summer 2014 issue.

Hair expert Luke Hersheson paired Koller's offbeat outfits with equally eccentric hairdos. Together Murphy, Schurig and Erm sported braided mohawks and spiked tresses, an unexpected choice at times given Koller's inclusion of a dainty chiffon skirt and mod 1960s dress. Despite these adorable additions, Faces of Tomorrow is nonetheless punk through and through, seen not only in the hairstyles, but also in photographer Collier Schorr's use of black and white frames.