From Sky-Scraping Hairdos to Canine-Infused Coifs

 - Nov 15, 2013
Avant-garde hair is a fantastic way to make a big, bold statement on the runway or on the pages of a magazine. These outrageous hairstyles are outlandish and definitely not your average street-ready hairdos.

Some of these crazy designs play up eye-popping colors or unconventional shapes to really make a statement. Most times, these avant-garde hairstyles are used to enhance the appearance of some sort of fashion, but they are so dynamic that they could easily stand on their own as the focal points of a photograph.

Normally, the straight bottom edge of a blunt cut hairstyle is about as geometric as hair can get, but some of these examples of avant-garde hair shape strands of hair into unbelievable shapes. Some examples of this include incredible triangles or over-accentuated ovals that are like next-level beehives.