Louise Walker 'Wooly Head' Combats Bad Hair With Knitwear

The Louise Walker 'Wooly Head' photography series features sweater-inspired manes. London-based photographer Walker has created flawless hairstyles using vibrant knitting materials including wool, yarn and spirit-colored cords. Using her avid love for knitting, Walker created a collection of wicked woolen wigs. Each model dons a freshly colored-coif reminiscent of a particular era's hair fashions. The styled hair pieces including long hippie-dos, Marilyn Monroe-inspired locks, doting 50s housewife cuts and sophisticated flapper fashions.

Louise Walker finds inspiration in both the past, which is seen in her timeline of tresses, and the future. Walker may have just found a solution to combat perpetual bad hair days that seem to plague many ladies.

These wigs will definitely make your scalp sweat, but are perfect toques for winter weather.