- Nov 11, 2014
The cozy holiday toques are a seasonal staple that will not only add a fun element to any look but that will also keep you warm during sleet and snow-filled weather conditions.

Whether opting for a chic knit accessory or sporting a novelty inspired cap this season, you're sure to stay fashionable and cozy in any of these unique styles.

The hats will appeal to consumers of all ages and will keep your head warm and stylish at the same time. What's best is that these hats aren't only designated for outdoor wear as more and more people are wearing their headwear long after the end of winter.

These cozy holiday toques include favorites like a Sriracha-inspired hot sauce hat and a face-concealing design that pays homage to Santa Clause and his full beard.

From Bearded Christmas Caps to Tasty Teapot Toques: