The Zombie Beanie Keeps You Warm and Keeps Fellow Undead Away

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: thinkgeek & geekologie
Halloween this year should be amazing, but should your excitement prove impossible to contain, the Zombie Beanie will help you show your ghoulish side with a degree of subtlety.

The Zombie Beanie is a typical knit toque with one scary exception: two vinyl chunks of brain are exploding from the sides of the stocking cap. This isn't just for the eager Halloweeners out there; at $15, this is potentially the easiest and cheapest holiday costume on the market. If you aren't entirely frugal, a dash of baking powder, some fake blood and some ripped clothing will help you complete the outfit and will prepare you for a night of frightening fun! So whatever your excuse is -- laziness, procrastination or a strapped wallet -- the Zombie Beanie will make celebrating October 31st as simple as possible.