This Santa Clause Mask from Warm Yourself is Charming and Cozy

 - Nov 4, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy's Warm Yourself shop is known for creating handcrafted winter accessories like this knitted Santa Clause mask. In addition to their un-groomed beard scarves and cozy hats, the web marketplace also sells holiday-themed winter essentials that double as clever disguises.

If playing the role of Santa this year, you're sure to impress kids and die-hard Christmas fans with Etsy's crocheted Santa Clause mask. The item will keep you warm during cold months of snow and sleet and is sure to spark up laughs and plenty of conversation.

This red and white accessory blends a knitted hat and beard combo and transforms its wearer into a lifelike version of Father Christmas. The piece is an awesome gift and will instantly put anyone in the holiday spirit.