Smart Hair Mask Packaging Contains a Cure for Brittle Winter Tresses

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
Yarn is certainly not a common material for use in mainstream product wrapping, yet its integration in Smart Hair Mask packaging is quite successful in terms of aesthetics.

A student of Moscow's British Higher School of Art and Design, Oksana Kudryavseva took up the challenge of making the unusual medium look completely in place when dressing up a brand of hair product. Simplicity and tidiness were essential for this purpose, given that threads of wool do not produce the most streamlined effect.

The bright green fibers were woven tightly into a charming winter hat, scaled down to a small size so to fit the cylindrical canister. Brown bangs and closed eyes were painted onto the lower part of the container, which appropriately wears the toque. Complete with a cute pompom on top, Smart Hair Mask packaging epitomizes seasonal tress protection.