The SNOWHAIR Collection by Nono Muaks is One-of-a-Kind

 - May 2, 2012
References: nonomuaks & nonomuaks
The Nono Muaks SNOWHAIR Collection offers the practicality of a hat with a quirky twist. These funky, hair-inspired toques are a compilation of the 1920s Charleston-style cartoon character TinTin and punk rock hairstyles, including Mohawks and faux-hawks.

One will definitely stand out while wearing one of these unusual accessories. With four different kinds of styles to choose from, you can explore the multiple styles of these quirky creations. With SNOWHAIR, you’re able to style hair straight or in a more freestyle manner to add your own personal look. The SNOWHAIR product is made out of black cotton and synthetic fur and offers an interesting take on mundane knit caps typically worn by people throughout the winter months.