- Jan 30, 2014
Recently in fashion, and especially in places with colder climates, unique beanies have become a major style statement. The popularity of the hipster aesthetic has really contributed to this as well as the new emphasis on street and urban style. Now with so many crafters and little stores on the Internet, new and innovative ways have turned casual headwear from functional to fashionable.

There are a number of unique beanies that can be seen in stores or online. One popular movement in knitted hats is the ability to listen to listen to music hands-free. There are a number of designs that do this in different ways, from iPhone pouches on your head to the speakers being built inside the brim, there are many ways to jam out hands free.

Another thing that is really big with beanies is fandom appreciation. Mean Girl quotes, Sailor Moon crescents, Monsters Inc. eyeballs and Muppets are all knit into the design of these geeky garments.

From Cliquey Pink Beanies to iPod Toting Toques: