Despite Looking Awesome, These Goggle Beanies Might Get You Arrested

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: endclothing & incrediblethings
Although C.P. Company may not have had a terrorist plot or a bank heist in mind when designing these Goggle Beanies, they certainly belong in the wardrobe of some kind of criminal.

In all fairness, however, this head cover is intended to protect skiers, midnight cyclists and the occasional skydiver from the obstructions of fast-moving air. As an everyday bike-rider, the Google Beanie would be a welcome addition to my gear during misty, cold night rides. The Goggle Beanies are complimented by a melange of military aesthetic and Italian design sense.

At $129, however, it becomes evident that the mask's main attraction is its fashion-ability, not its practical elements. Regardless, the Goggle Beanie is an extraordinarily interesting headpiece.