This Tea Pot Hat is Perfect for Those Who Love Drinking Herbal Beverages

 - Oct 25, 2013
References: uncommongoods
Toques are a practical way to keep your ears from freezing in the cold, but if you're interested in adding a bit of humor to these winter accessories, then this Tea Pot Hat will definitely add some quirkiness to your look.

While there are certainly a lot of coffee enthusiasts out there, other beverages such as tea also have a lot of supporters, and if you happen to enjoy drinking teas and herbal beverages, then this comical tea pot hat is just for you. Since tea pots and kettles are necessary in order to make a hot and soothing beverage, why not display your admiration for these kitchen appliances by wearing a design of them on your head?

Perfect for those who aren't afraid to showcase their bold affection for tea, this Tea Pot Hat will definitely make coffee-drinkers cringe at the mere sight of this humorous beanie.