- Nov 21, 2013
With the cold weather starting to stick around, it's important to start stocking up your wardrobe with warm essentials, and these eclectic winter accessories are perfect for anyone feeling like adding some charm and personality to their look.

When it comes to surviving the chill of winter, having the right accessories such as gloves, hats and scarves makes enduring the harsh outdoor air a lot easier. But if you're bored of the same old simple accessories, then these eclectic designs will definitely capture your attention. Featuring such eccentric themes as food-shaped scarves, monstrous foot warmers and conjoined mittens, these eclectic winter accessories will definitely make enduring the cold weather much more humorous.

From scrumptious burger earmuffs to pizza-shaped shawls, these eclectic winter accessories will definitely add a comical touch to any ordinary wardrobe.

From Tasty Hamburger Ear Warmers to Cozy Animal Foot Heaters: