Soothe Injuries and Prevent Cold Feet Using Foot Wraps

 - Oct 15, 2012
References: harrietcarter
These snuggly slipper-like foot wraps are great for soothing pain and cooling feet down in hot weather.

The therapeutic shoes are filled with natural buckwheat, which is a great insulator for any temperature. The foot wrap can retain heat from the microwave as well as the coolness from the freezer to ease sprained ankles as well as swollen joints. Even if there aren't any injuries, these snuggly slippers can be worn to keep feet warm in the winter.

The foot wraps are fastened with a hook and loop closure and will remain secure even if walking -- not that one should be walking with an injured foot anyway. These can be worn to sleep as well because these shoes are made with cushion-soft materials -- these can be worn to while relaxing on the couch or to sleep as well.