- Dec 4, 2014
Not your traditional holiday Christmas stockings, these examples of Christmas decor turn to pop culture, food, fashion and popular hobbies for inspiration. In place of red and green color combinations, holiday lights and images of familiar holiday icons like Santa, Frosty or Rudolph, these fun Christmas mantle decorations feature friendly faces and elements from franchises like The Simpsons, Doctor Who, Star Wars and superheroes from comic books and movies.

For those who value practicality above all else, one of the most sensible "Christmas" stockings is The Tactical Holiday Stocking, which adopts an all-black design that is strictly utilitarian.

However, if you're feeling festive and want to get involved in some arts and crafts this Christmas, there are some great examples of stockings that you can DIY by stitching some fun printed paper together.

These Holiday Christmas Stockings Make Mantles Merry and Bright: