Sruli Recht’s Hand Gloves Can Never Be Removed

 - May 15, 2013
References: store.srulirecht
The nature of pain is oftentimes delved in for the sake of satisfying carnal pleasures, but the indulgence is always a short commitment; the hand gloves from designer Sruli Recht offers everything, but a short commitment.

The inner lining of the ‘Sharkskin Glove’ is made from the skin of basking shark, which consists of razor sharp scales. Once a person wears the gloves, they won’t be able to remove them without experiencing tear-fleshing pain. The thorns inside the gloves will hook a person’s hands, giving the sensation of being impaled by 10,000 fishhooks. "The gloves are a life long commitment once a person wears them. You can put the gloves on, but to remove them would mean to cut them off. Gloves for life or for one wear."