Woo! Neck Warmers Have Been Woven for Maximum Comfort and Coverage

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: kumeko
You're not looking at a plain old band-style scarf: these Woo! Neck Warmers have been carefully crocheted to deliver both aesthetics and practicality. Available in either a simple or plaited version, the wintery accessory covers all exposed areas between the collar of your coat and the bottom of your hat.

One of the most clever features of the Kumeko garment is the pair of ear hooks stitched into opposite sides. The soft little loops can be secured over the tops of your listeners, ensuring that the Woo! Neck Warmer does not scrunch down. High quality 100% lambswool has been used to weave the pair of pieces into a basic tube and a braided band, keeping you sufficiently protected from the cold.