- Dec 2, 2014
These mystical gift ideas range from edgy occult tees to evil eye statement accessories that will appeal to the witchy or bohemian fashion lover.

Standouts from this list include patterned and typographic tees that are adorned with occult-themed symbols or clever puns like "Witches be Trippin."

In addition to wearable clothing and accessories, this list of mystical gift ideas also features home accessories that spiritual individuals will appreciate. Some great examples include Shop Jeen's Ouija Board pillows and Etsy's moon phase dishware sets.

Fans of mystical imagery will love this list of unique gift ideas. From daring fashions to spiritual home decor, these mystical gifts are more popular than ever thanks to the fashion industry's revival of nostalgic, pop culture imagery.

From Edgy Occult Tees to Minimalist Evil Eye Accessories: