The Thomas V + La Maison Des Tanneurs Collaboration is Alluring

 - Jul 9, 2012
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These enchanting insect rings were crafted by Thomas V + La Maison Des Tanneurs. The collaboration partnered the contemporary jewelry designer Thomas V with the artsy tattoo shop La Maison Des Tanneurs. The mixture was intoxicating, and ended with the production of these beautiful bug accessories.

Though the rings are inspired by insects, Thomas V manages to capture a spiritualism in them by incorporating an ancient pyramid design. The accessories have a secret society vibe channeling the mythical power of past civilizations.

Each ring is handcrafted in Thomas V.'s Paris-based studio, where he produces all his jewelry out of raw material found in the vicinity of Paris. Each of the Thomas V + La Maison Des Tanneurs insect rings are available in either plated gold or plated silver.