These Evil Eye Bracelets from Etsy's Amourose Shop Aid in Good Luck

 - Sep 22, 2014
References: etsy
Etsy's Amourose shop is a web retailer that is known for their opulent and ornate evil eye bracelets like these Hamsa models. Their symbolic accessories are said to give luck to whoever is wearing them and are a great example of affordable, bohemian fashion.

If you're superstitious or appreciative of occult-themed jewelry, then you will love these evil eye bracelets from Etsy. The accessories are decorative, fun and boast a vibrant look that will catch one's eye. These chic and effortlessly cool pieces are each unlike the other and are made using colored beads, evil eye charms and metallic thread and chain accents.

Whether worn on a tropical vacation or with a bohemian autumn ensemble, the pieces add color and personality to any outfit pairing.